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About Helen

Helen Stott

Internationally renowned for her work Helen is a gifted therapist with over 25 years of professional experience, working as a healer, spiritual counsellor and facilitator of numerous workshops and healing programmes. She has been trained by some of the world’s most respected teachers in the field of integrated health and healing.

Helen has trained in various disciplines of healing, metaphysics and shamanic teachings. In 1996 she graduated from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing in New York and is one of the first UK-based graduates. Brennan Healing Science aims to help people clear energy blocks and limiting patterns. The work also aims to promote physical, mental and emotional stability and well-being. Helen is accredited with the CNHC – The Complementary and Natural Health Care Council.

Helen’s unique healing abilities, intuitive guidance and deep connection to the spiritual and angelic realms weave a rich tapestry of both wisdom, support and a practical approach in her work with individual clients and training programmes and workshops.

Helen is known for her compassionate heart, intuitive perception and angelic guidance.

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