Living Your Divine Spark

Integrated Healing & Soul Path Guidance


Within each of us lies a divine spark – the connection to our soul’s voice. Our healing journey is about discovering the pathways that lead us back to our own unique spark, weaving our soul’s gifts and essence into our lives and experiences.

The entrance into this sacred space begins with the heart, and our heart is our guide and companion inviting us to enter our soul space and live the transformation, joy and positive changes that this journey can bring into our lives.

The focus of all Helen’s work is to help and guide people on this journey of soul reconnection and discovery. To embrace their divine spark that leads to a rich inner experience of self and the freedom of being and expression in everyday life.

Heart Illustration

Her intuitive ability to sense people’s soul essence acts as a witness and reflective holding space in her work with individuals and groups. In 1-2-1 personal and spiritual development sessions Helen offers healing, spiritual guidance and intuitive readings depending on the individual need of each person in their journey of change and transformation.

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Healing Hands

See a brief video overview here.

  • Helps to unwind and clear energy patterns that may be impacting physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues.
  • Restores a sense of well-being and emotional stability.
  • An effective support with physically based illness and medical procedures, including surgery.
  • Assists in unwinding and releasing unhealthy life patterns, reflected in conditions such as stress, depression and lack of motivation.
  • Realigns your individual life purpose and potential.


Spiritual Guidance

Working with spiritual and intuitive guidance a session can include:

  • Relationship guidance and healing
  • Soul Purpose and Life Direction
  • Spiritual Counselling


Divine Spark

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home. Rumi quote